Childhood, the most enriching, happy and carefree times of our lives- only comes once! Making it meaningful and always one that brings back the sweetest smile on our faces, rests on people like us. We are, in a child’s lingo- ‘Big people who make little people feel extra special’! How do we manage that? It is as simple and as skilful as the stacking of blocks one on top of the other. The building blocks here are experiences. Experiences in the learning domains of ‘akkshar’

  • Aham: All about me and my environment
  • Kriya: Occupations and transport
  • Kriti: Art and craft
  • Srishti: Social and environmental science
  • Hasya: Humour, theatre , music and speech
  • Arogya: Health, nutrition and exercise
  • Riti: Math, Montessori and life skills


Viha is characterized by bright and happy spaces where children feel inclined to work at their own pace independently.

The Ball pool area and The Hub are perfect areas to initiate gross motor training. Children learn how to control their large muscles while at play and also learn about colours, shapes, and safety rules. The teachers supervise these activities and observe how children play, all of which help them ascertain whether the child is at the developmentally appropriate physical state.

The classes are theme based and the children are encouraged to move around and experience a variety of stimuli. The Activity room is the centre for creative play and pretend play, both of which are typical of Reggio Emilia schools. Children will be encouraged to learn sensorially and attempt cognitively challenging tasks.

The Montessori Room will be used for all Montessori related training and the Library will help inculcate a love for books right from a very tender age.


Viha children visit a Whitefield store17 February 2012Mommies day19 October 2012


I am proud that Ojus goes to Viha, Am glad to see how Alaka's hard work has panned out and is bearing fruition. Hope that the institution grows, so that Ojus never has to leave Viha.

Anurag Mehndiratta