Testimonials From Teachers:

The Teaching methodology, ideology and principles followed at VIHA validate my choice of being a teacher here. Every day is a new day, a new possibility, a new exciting discovery, another learning experience at VIHA. Most of all, the happy smiling faces of my children and their questioning minds motivate me to give my best and I look forward to many more interesting sessions with them.


The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of VIHA is that it’s a place where I feel completely energized and motivated. Every day I look forward to spending time with my vibrant PG class and my enthused colleagues!!


Explore a future at Viha as a pre-school teacher. Viha encourages teachers to realise their potential through meaningful teaching-learning experiences, training and a warm and happy environs. You should have completed a relevant degree/diploma in early childhood education/Montessori training/CIDTT/NTT and have experiences to back your teaching style. Freshers who are willing to put in that extra mile to learn are welcome to apply too.


– Kindergarten teachers


Viha children visit a Whitefield store17 February 2012Mommies day19 October 2012


It was a great CHALLENGE for us to decide on relying on a start-up school called VIHA for the formation years of my son. But I am very happy to state that over the past few months,

Manish Sahi