At what age can a child start schooling at Viha?

The child should be 2yrs of age or above to start schooling at Viha

What kinds of classes are offered at Viha?

The classes and the age specifications at Viha are mentioned in the table below.


Why are the age specifications based on a June cut-off?

The academic sessions in Bangalore begin in June and ends in March of the next year. It is for this reason that the class cut offs are based on the age of a child in June

Does it entail any 'loss' in time and learning potential, if a child is older in a class? For example in a playgroup-1 class, if a child is 3.5 yrs of age?

There are absolutely no 'losses' at all. The child finds learning more fun as he/she has slightly better ability to master skills, as every month in their lives bring in more milestones. Further, under-age children may not be even considered for a grade 1 admission in the primary school at a later stage.

Does Viha have any tie-ups with primary schools for the grade-1 admissions?

Viha has no formal tie-ups with primary schools. Primary school recommendations are made based on the inclinations of the child and the Board preferences made by the parents. There are several schools who have evinced an interest in offering admissions to Viha children.

How does Viha ensure that children master and apply the skills they have learnt, will they be able to tackle primary school interviews and tests?

The Reggio style of teaching and learning ensures that children comprehend and apply their skills in a variety of ways. Learning is inter-disciplinary and the teachers maintain a stringent record of the milestones reached. Children are encouraged to observe explore and infer (higher order thinking) and each learning experience is assessed periodically. If there are any lacunae, they are dealt with immediately. (Read more about the Reggio Emilia Style)

In such a scenario, no test or interview is likely to be daunting. The children will be confident and articulate by the time they complete the Playgroup-3 environment at Viha.

Does my child have to be completely toilet trained before joining Viha?

Toilet training is a gradual process and we at Viha do not believe you can force or scare a child into acquiring this in a jiffy. We herd the children to the toilets often and soon it becomes a habit. The parents are encouraged to use training pants and encourage every successful use of the toilet.

What kind of snacks should be sent with my child?

There are two snack breaks at Viha and for both we recommend a healthy and nutritious snack.  The food should be something that the child is used to eating, please do not send in food items that your child hates.( we do not force…but gently urge them into finishing what has been sent).

The portions should be something that is fit for a child of that age- please do not stuff a box with extra. A smaller portion eaten often is definitely the healthier option. We would like parents to avoid sending junk food like pastries, chocolates, wafers and kurkure. These are some options for your benefit:

  • Idli
  • Dosa
  • Upma
  • cookies
  •  Sandwiches cut into quarters
  • Sprout salad
  • A chapathi roll
  • Fruits
  • Muffins and cakes ( home made)
  • Almonds and raisins
  • Poha
  • Stuffed paranthas ( small and manageable bits to be cut out)

Does Viha have options for day care?

Viha has day care options between 12.15 pm  and 6 pm. Kindly refer to the table for an option on time slots that suits you:





12.15pm-6 pm

Viha also offers an optional service of day care for specific days when a parent may require our help. The fees can be discussed at the school office.

Some additional things you should know:

  1. There is no transport facility available for day care. All those children who are students of Viha can use transport for the morning pick-up. Parents must pick up their children in the afternoon/evening.
  2. Viha will issue an ID to the person picking the child up; the child will not be handed over unless the relevant ID is shown.
  3. Two sets of clothes, two sets of undergarments, a comb and towel need to be sent in with the child. This should be provided in a labelled bag.
  4. Lunch and snacks need to be provided by the parents, the support staff will help feed the children. All containers/water bottles must bear the child’s name. Please avoid using stickers/labels that wash away.
  5. Do let the school know if the child needs to nap in the afternoons. If not, they will be kept occupied with activities.
  6. If the child is using training pants/diapers, a set has to be provided to school and replenished when the stock is depleted

Does Viha offer transport?

Viha does offer transport. At present Viha runs two routes based on the requirements of parents. The fee is a flat rate based on the number of children availing of the option. Please contact the school office for details and information about the existing routes.


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It was a great CHALLENGE for us to decide on relying on a start-up school called VIHA for the formation years of my son. But I am very happy to state that over the past few months,

Manish Sahi