The teachers at Viha are very warm and caring and quite passionate about working with kids in order to provide them with a meaningful education. They pay individual attention to each child's emotional and learning needs. Alka has done a wonderful job of creating a nurturing and vibrant environment for the kids. Our son really enjoys going to school which is very satisfying for us as parents.

Anurag Mehndiratta

The first admission at Viha our older son 'Atharva', who started attending Viha in June 2011, is always excited to go to school in the morning and we as parents feel pumped when see him spreading energy in his school cab. We wait for his detailed weekly report on Friday and always have peace in mind for safety, care and love for our child at the school. Thus innovative learning comes naturally to our son. Our younger son 'Abhav' is already waiting for his turn at Viha

"Alakananda Sen- (Principal Viha) is profoundly creative and knows her business! She just seems to have what it takes to launch forward any idea in the most creative way. She is a good listener and generous in sharing information and ideas. She always has innovative ideas, and works through problems masterfully. Her skills are exceptional and they come with her big loving heart"

Rohini and Aditya Tomar

It was a great CHALLENGE for us to decide on relying on a start-up school called VIHA for the formation years of my son. But I am very happy to state that over the past few months, our conviction of having chosen the right school has been reinforced with every passing week. Please keep up the good work you are putting with the children.

Manish Sahi


Viha children visit a Whitefield store17 February 2012Mommies day19 October 2012